Message for Year 11 Students

Dear student,

I am sure that you are aware that the Prime Minister announced that due to high levels of Covid-19 across the UK, schools would be closing until after the February half term. I wanted to write to you with some key messages that you need to be aware of during this unsettling time.

Firstly, I know this is an uncertain time for you, but please don’t worry. Every member of staff is here for you and we will work incredibly hard to make sure that whatever happens next, you will be supported and get the education you need to successfully move onto the next stage of your education.

What we don’t know yet is how the GCSE examinations will be conducted in the summer, however what we are clear about is that the most important thing for you, is that your learning continues. Put simply, you need to continue to become better across all your subjects so that whatever happens in the summer, you have the necessary knowledge and skills to flourish in your future education and career. The only way you will continue to make progress and be best prepared for whatever the government decides to do with the examinations is by fully engaging with your lessons remotely.

You must now be following your timetable and the instructions posted on your Google classrooms to access lesson resources and live instruction. You must ensure that you continue to complete high quality work and most importantly, continue to improve. Everything you do from this point forward in terms of quality, engagement and effort will ultimately influence the grade you will receive in the summer. Whether examinations run, coursework is set or there is a return to teacher assessed grades, the quality of your engagement in lessons during this period will be a significant factor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your learning, please don’t hesitate to contact your teachers for support. We are all here to support and guide you through the next few weeks and beyond, so once again please don’t worry. Follow your timetable, engage in your lessons fully and let us deal with everything else.

We are proud of your efforts so far and believe in your continued ability to be successful this year. Stay safe and look after each other. May Allah SWT protect us all…Ameen

Kind regards

Apa Nikhat