Chair of the Governing Body

My name is Hasan Desai and I have had the privilege of being a member of the respected Al Islah family as part of the Governing Body for a number of years. I was elected as Chair of the Governing Body four years ago which has enabled me to project my expertise in my field of management.

Professionally, working as an Operational Manager for over 20 years has helped me drive my Al Islah’s Senior Leadership Team in strengthening and ensuring that the school gains maximum benefit.
I work closely with the Headteacher to promote and maintain high standards of educational achievement and ensure that the governing body sets a clear vision, an Islamic ethos and a strategic direction for the school. I feel very honoured and fortunate to be part of this exceptional school.
Additionally, I have also been serving on the Masjide Noorul Islam committee for 7 years and currently hold the position of Hon General Secretary. I have close links with the Blackburn and Darwen council and also part of a local and international charity.

Vice Chair of the Governing Body

I am Ismail Patel, Vice Chair of the Governing Body.
Educated at the University of Bolton and completed my final year at the University Centre in Blackburn in partnership with Lancaster University, I obtained my BSc (Hons) in Internet and Information Technology.
I currently work for a reputable Blackburn with Darwen Primary School in various roles, such as Teaching, Support, Management and Data Analysis. I have acquired outstanding knowledge of the National Curriculum and have gained valuable experience in classroom and behaviour management along with Ofsted inspections.
My previous experience has been in management where I have managed teams of employees and team leaders as an Operations Manager.
I obtained an Advanced Diploma in CCA Leaders of the Future and also obtained a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
I have been a Governor at Al Islah for a number of years and all my skills and experiences has helped me in making Al Islah a better place. Alhamdulillah we are blessed with a wonderful team where we support each other to help the Al Islah family flourish.
Additionally, I am the Joint Secretary of the Islamic Educational Society (Masjide Noorul Islam) and also lead on charity projects locally, nationally and internationally.

Fianance Governor

I’m Alibhai Jasat and I joined Al‐Islah Girls High School in 2014 as a Finance Governor.
I am a firm believer in making sure crucial investments are made back into our school to allow students to achieve the very best possible. I also hold the post for ensuring that Health & Safety is all above board which is paramount. It has been an honour to work with my fellow Governors and the dedicated team of teachers since I joined.
Professionally, I came from a corporate background and was privileged to worked for a Japanese firm for 23 years in the hospitality industry. As a Production & Warehouse Manager, I have had the privilege of training technical knowledge and support to other engineers nationally and internationally.
I am also experienced in running my own network business for 13 years. With this experience behind me, I’ve used my skill set and knowledge to move Al‐Islah school towards a better future.
In addition, it has been a privileged and honour to serve the house of Allah, Ameen.
I have been an active committee officer for 9 years, and my current position is Vice President, at Masjide Noorul Islam.

Safeguarding Lead Governor

I’m Moosa Sidat and I have been an active member of the respected Al Islah family as a Safeguarding Lead Governor for a few years.
I was elected as the Safeguarding Lead due to my current professional Role for the Education Department within the Social Services.

Alhamdulillah, I have also been teaching at the Masjide Noorul Islam Madrassah for the last 20 years for our community youths. The skills I have acquired in both of these challenging roles has helped me in my Governor position and additionally it is a highly rewarding experience to serve the Madrassah and the girls’ school as well.

External Strategic Consultant

By the grace of Allah, I was Contract Executive negotiating and delivering highly complex multi-million pound government contracts in the post 16 training/education sector.  Also, been a Manager at Blackburn with Darwen Council in the Corporate Policy Unit, leading on Equality, Community Cohesion.

Currently, Senior/Principal Manager at one of the biggest County Council’s in England, managing staff and working on key strategic and operational Central Government policies and legislative directives, across Lancashire.  Hold many senior chairing/vice chairing positions on various public sector, VCFS partnerships.

Alhamdullilah, work with many Masajids, Madrasahs, Islamic umbrella organisations, Darul Uloom board and also provide strategic direction on various projects etc.

Been with Al Islah in the governing capacity for many years, it’s a humbling and a major responsible position, knowing as a collective, our decisions have an impact on an individual’s education and aspirations. I work with a fantastic, dynamic team of governors and a vision, which is delivered by our inspirational school staff.

IT and General Secretary

I am Hafiz Yusuf Patel and I joined Al Islah Girls’ High School in 2014 as a Governor. My role in assisting the Al Islah management team is within IT and Marketing. Graduated with a joint BSc honours degree in Business Management and Information Technology, I went on to work for several reputable engineering firms within the IT Management role. From this experience and the educational background from the Business Management degree I am now a director of a growing digital development agency.

Alhamdulillah, the skills, knowledge and experiences obtained from education and business is allowing me to help Al Islah Girls’ High School to become a successful school providing high standard education to the students. Inshallah.


I’m Salim Makda. I’ve been involved with Al Islah for the last ten years, utilising my back ground in Accountancy, self employment and my present employment as Customer Resulotion officer.
My responsibilities at the school includes assisting in cash flow, budgeting and finalising annual financial accounts.

Alhamdulillah, also over the past 12 years I’ve been part of Madrassa Noorul Islam and helping run the busy office on daily basis. I am also part of the Senior Leadership Team aiming to enhance and improve the Islamic education of students.

It is a great honour and a very rewarding experience to help and serve both institutions.