• School Open

    We have now opened the school since the COVID-19 shutdown and Alhamdullilah all the students were respectfully following the new …

  • Admission Enquiry

    For any admission enquiries during the holiday period please email head@alislah.org.uk or call the School Mobile on 07305918857 Jazakallah khairan

  • Al Islah Girls High School is on Facebook!

    Al Islah now has an account on Facebook, so for those of you who use that medium, please take some …

  • Digital Parenting Booklet

    How building resilience will help your child stay safe and be happy online. View this booklet to learn more about …

Introduction to Al Islah Girls’ High School, Blackburn

We currently have very limited spaces for our Year 7 intake for September 2020.
We also have limited spaces available in the current Year 7 to Year 10 classes.
Ring the School Office on 01254 261573 or School Mobile on 07305918857 to enquire about admissions.