Welcome message from the Principle

A warm welcome from the Principal

The ethos at Al Islah Girls’ High School is firmly built on personal relationships and a strong conviction that the individual, every individual, lies at the heart of the school.

We’re often asked what it is that makes Al Islah Girls’ High School different from other schools. The answer, I think, lies in our shared values and a relaxed but vibrant atmosphere, where the individual is key and laughter is an essential part of everyday life.

At the same time, our approach is emphatically collaborative. We believe in leading by example, in a healthy dose of flexibility and in the power of laughter and humanity. ‘Enthusiasm’, ‘maturity’ and ‘courtesy’ are words that very frequently feature in the observations of visitors to the school. This school is an environment which gives people – staff as much as students – the space to be themselves and the encouragement and stimulus to grow, to learn, to engage with complexity and to achieve their goals, while also making time for friendship, for laughter and for living life to the full.

Like all schools we have boundaries, but we encourage students to push them for learning and think them through for themselves. We encourage them to listen; we also ensure that they’re heard.

Academic achievement and personal growth are at the centre of what we aim to achieve; and the school’s success in achieving these goals is evident in our exam results, in students’ achievements in activities and in the enthusiastic endorsement we receive from current and former parents and students.



Nikhat Pardesi